About Us

Flinders Cook is a privately owned, independent consultancy and laboratory based in Auckland. We are an IANZ accredited laboratory (ISO 17025) and are members of the New Zealand Association of Consulting Laboratories.

Flinders Cook (Technical Services) Ltd was founded in 1975, and the company provides quality assurance services to clients throughout New Zealand and Australia.

Our modern laboratory has the staff and equipment to handle complex analytical tasks, and we pride ourselves on providing our clients with meaningful, accurate results and a professional service.

Our staff have considerable experience dealing with many of the issues faced by general industry, and we will work with our clients to provide testing and results that are easily comprehended.

Flinders Cook act as independent bulk liquid surveyors on behalf of importers and exporters of bulk liquids into the ports of New Zealand, ensuring the quantity and quality of cargoes are not compromised during the transfer from vessel to bulk storage.

Flinders Cook act as independent inspectors of isotainers, and certify them with regards to cleanliness and physical integrity. After inspection, Flinders Cook will seal the isotainer and provide a Certificate of Cleanliness that ensures the tank is fit for the intended storage purpose.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.